neighbourhood report

exhibition participations in St. Pölten und Steyr

Currently I participate in two exhibitions. These are:

SPUREN im KUNST:WERK St. Pölten and
NEIGHBOURHOOD REPORT – 12 positions from Lower Austria in the Castle Gallery Steyr.

In the exhibition SPUREN, curated by me, the exhibiting artists (Iris Blauensteiner and Christine Moderbacher, Anton Ehrenberger, Hermann F. Fischl, Alois Junek, Elisabeth Kallinger, Hermine Karigl-Wagenhofer, Ernest A. Kienzl, Herbert Kraus, Evi Leuchtgelb, Hannelore Mann, Mark Rossell, Franz Rupp, Kurt Schönthaler, J. F. Sochurek, Peter Weber, Margareta Weichhart-Antony, Claudia Zawadil) with various aspects of the term traces (impressions, following a trail, footprints, tracks, tracks, furrows, obeying …). This exhibition runs until 6 October 2019 at KUNST:WERK St. Pölten (Thursday, Friday 16.00 to 18.30 and Saturday, Sunday 10.00-12.30).
Download the invitation here

In the exhibition NEIGHBOURHOOD REPORT – 12 positions from Lower Austria – already shown in Iglau (Czech Republic) – I present works from the series Found Abstracts – cracks.
Also participating in this exhibition are Richard Jurtitsch, Leopold Kogler, Alois Mosbacher, Florian Nährer, Frenzi Rigling, Franz Schwarzinger, Gerlinde Thuma, Josef Trattner, Martin Veigl, Manfred Wakolbinger and Robert Zahornitzky.
It will open today, 12 September 2019 at 7 p.m. in the Schlossgalerie Steyr and can be viewed until 3 November 2019 Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Download the invitation here






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