Exhibition »Don´t touch! Touching allowed?« till 25th Mai 2015 in Schüttkasten Allentsteig

Ausstellung in Allentsteig (Foto J. P. Fischer)

DON’T TOUCH! Touching allowed? Contributions from the fields of collage, photography, installation, painting

Object art and sculpture

Exhibition opened from May 9th May 25th 2015

Opening times Saturday, Sunday, holidays 10.00 12.00 and 14:00 clock 17.00 clock

The following artists are represented. We present a selection of their works. Ona B. Petra Buchegger Gisela Erlacher Daniela Gallée Josip Emperor Ernest A. Kienzl Oswald Oberhuber Heide Pichler Anneliese Schrenk Peter Sommerauer Kurt Spitaler Franziska Stiegholzer Josef Trattner Peter Weber Fridolin Welte