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Personal exhibition in the Gallery am Lieglweg

From 30 June 2019 the Galerie am Lieglweg in Neulengbach will show my new and newest works from the cycle “found Abstracts (cracks)”.

Ernest A. Kienzl, found abstracts (cracks)

Ernest A. Kienzl, found abstracts: tarred cracks, blue | green 2, 2018
© Photo: Sonja Dürnberger

Are they macrographs of human veining? Or dried branches? Or simply drawings thrown down “gesturally” in mostly opulent colours? Or cerebral computed tomography images of synaptic energies? Or even cosmic rays? The current series of works found abstracts: cracks by Ernest A. Kienzl inspires at first glance various associations in the field of tension from representational concrete to abstract gestural.

in: Carl Aigner, FINDUNGEN UND TRANSFORMATIONEN, Zur Refiguration des Gestischen in den Recent Works by Ernest A. Kienzl, in the catalogue: Ernest A. Kienzl, found abstracts (cracks), 2019
Lieglweg 23, 3040 Neulengbach, Germany

Sunday, 30 June 2019, 17.00 hrs

to the exhibition:
The gallery director Dr. Ursula Fischer in conversation with the artist Ernest A. Kienzl

exhibition period
30 June – 16 August 2019

Visit at any time, registration recommended
+43 676 413 46 47

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Exhibition participation in Iglau (Czech Republic)

Today the exhibition NEIGHBORHOUD REPORT AUT – CZE will open in Iglau (Czech Republic).
I am pleased to have been nominated as a participant.
Furthermore there will be participants:
Richard Jurtitsch, Leopold Kogler, Alois Mosbacher, Florian Nährer, Frenzi Rigling, Franz Schwarzinger, Gerlinde Thuma, Josef Trattner, Martin Veigl, Manfred Wakolbinger und Robert Zahornitzky.

here I show works from the series Found Abstracts