September to December 2016

A lot of time has gone since my last blog entry. Here is an update:

After my participation in the exhibition „ent of painting“ at Eichgraben I curated ant took part in the exhibition „not for sale“ at KUNST:WERK St. Poelten

Invited by the curator Yokozawa Yoshitaka I could participate in the exhibition »Exchange of Japanese calligraphy organizations and Italian Arts« at Tokyo Metropolitan Theater (Atelier East), Tokyo

Ernest A. Kienzl gets the Adolf Peschek-Award of the Jury  after all followed the 70th Annual exhibition of the artists Union of St. Poelten in October and November 2016 , where I got the Adolf Peschek-Award by the Yury.

„Horizonts“ – again at KUNST:WERK St.Poelten – finished my exhibitions in 2016.